Scrabboard Solver is the only incredible application that allows you to find the best scrabble word from a camera picture or from a screenshot of your scrabble board. The application works very well with 'Scrabble GO', 'Classic Words', 'Words With Friends 2', 'Words With Friends Messenger', 'Wordfeud', 'Literati' , 'Word Domination', 'Word Crack' and much more other scrabble apps!

Scrabboard Solver makes your life easier

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Available on Android, phones and tablets.

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Best word

Scrabboard solver gives you directly the best word to play from a picture or a screenshot of your scrabble game.. The list of words are frequently updated thanks to official scrabble dictionaries.

Intuitive and modern design

Scrabboard solver has been designed to be easy to use with a very nice modern design.You can also place all letters you want on a virtual scrabble board using a very convenient user interface.

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Visualize all solutions

You have access to the whole list of solutions with their associated scores. You have also the possibility to visualize each of them on the virtual board.


The application can help you to find the best word by giving you some clues. This feature is very useful for all the players who wants to improve their scrabble skills without cheating or simply players who don’t want to know the solution directly.

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4 corners detection of the board

From a picture or a screenshot of your game, Scrabboard Solver detects automatically the corners of your board.


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Available now on Android.

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